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That's actually a prtety good list. I hadn't played the console games on there such as Chrono Trigger but I had most of the PC games. One correction, Dungeonmaster was an Atari ST game. It was not ported to the Amiga and other platforms until later. It would probably be in my main list of influences because it was the first game with a real first person perspective. I know some of the earlier RPGs such as Ultima had a first person perspective in the dungeons, but Dungeonmaster was the first realistic one, not simple wireframe and colored panels. It spawned a whole subgenre, the most famous being the Eye of the Beholder series, but other notables in that syle were Bloodwych, The Black Crypt, and Galdregons Domain.While I agree that Ultima IV is a more worthy representative on the list, Ultima III stands out in my mind as the first game that I played that had a party. The previous Ultimas were all a single character affair, but being able to control multiple characters added a whole new dimension of gameplay.System Shock was my favorite FPS/RPG hybrid.

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