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, "turn the other cheek" that didn't mean capitulate, in those days you slppaed [xghlxx.com] a slave with your right hand because he was LESS THAN YOU. By turning the other cheek you forced him to slap you with his LEFT HAND making you his EQUAL. I do agree with Ghandi that "an eye for an eye" only leaves everyone blind but the culture of the middle east is savage, tribal, clanish, doesn't even respect its own religion...after all Sunnis believe Shiites are infidels and deserve death! I doubt China, Russia, or a lot of other countries would act any differently if they had the same situation on their borders. Oh, Europe might...look at how they capitulated to Hitler (especially the French) they might and then expect eveyone else to come save them.Oh and a world war? That will definitely mop up excessive capacity and supply and maybe reduce millions of homes to rubble then the building can start all over again for the next bubble.

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